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Career Decision Making - your ideal job

By: Mio Seamder

Are you satisfied with your current role at your current organization? Try the following exercise to help you clarify what kind of career/job is most suitable for you.

1. Think about your ideal job and list things that are important to you for each category/criteria listed below. Add or remove category/criteria to make the exercise more meaningful to YOU.
2. Assess current situation against ideal job situation and rate your satisfaction.
3. Develop strategies to improve your current situation so it is closer to your ideal job situation.


Is the location of current work satisfactory?
- Close to work?
- Parking?
- Safety?                                             

Are you satisfied with the opportunities available at your work?
- Succession Plan available?
- Opportunities for promotion?                                     
Are you satisfied with how your work affects your family/personal life?
- Work/Family balance?
- Benefits for family members?                                     
Are you satisfied with the amount and quality of opportunities given at work for developing skills, knowledge and abilities?
What kind of skills do you have?
What kind of skills do you need to improve on?                                                
Are you satisfied with the financial reward given at your work?
What are your financial goals?
How much do you want to earn?                                              
What are the important values you don’t want to compromise? 
What kind of company policies, values and culture do you identify with?                                   
What kind of flexibility do you desire and require from your job?

Is it important to belong to a particular kind of company?                                                                      
What kind of resources do you have?
- Contacts?
- Time and equipment?
- Accessible?                                       
Are you satisfied with the Rewards & Recognition you receive currently?
How do you want to be rewarded?
Want recognition?                                            
Do you like to work in a team?
Are you more productive on your own?                                               
Do you like responsibility?
Do you like managing people?                                      
What kind of job, roles or tasks do you enjoy?                                     
Do you like to be your own boss?
- Prefer to follow?
- Need structure?                                            

Do you need to move department, get promoted, or change company? How soon do you want to be working your ideal job? Do you think it may be necessary to change jobs?

Once you finish with the exercise, try to look at your ideal job and try to analyze it objectively. You might think "I want to be my own boss" but are you motivated and disciplined enough to be your own boss? Make sure you are working towards realistic goals and not your fantasy!

Try to be creative in coming up with strategies. Remember, your ideal will change and you may need to work in your non-ideal job to get to your ideal job. As long as you know what you want, you will find the way to get it! Good luck!

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