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Host Careers Overview - Quick Tips


1. Once you have filled out the form and created a login account, you can login and start setting up your resume.

2. Choose Profile and edit your Profile with accurate information.

3. Click Job Preferences and choose Categories you are most interested in. Also, if you are restricted by location, you can choose your Preferred Locations at this time too.

4. Within Resume, you have two options, Text Editor and Resume Creator. Text Editor may be the quickest way but we recommend using the Resume Creator for your best chances at being found by an Employer during a Search.

5. Under Resume Creator, fill in the form as completely as possible to insure your best chances at a job offer.

6. If you have certain Documents that might be important during a job opportunity, you can upload them in the Documents Section. It is best to upload any files as zip files only.

7. Another important section for a Jobseeker is the Job Alerts. This allows you to receive emails and notices on any job offers made by Employers without having to constantly login to check. Choose a Location and then create a Custom Rule, such "sales" or "java" and any time those keywords are used, you will be notified.

Once you have completed your Profile and Resume, make sure to visit often to see if anything new has arrived. This is a very interactive site and a useful tool for finding your perfect career.


1. First thing an Employer needs to do after signing up for Host Careers is to update their Profile. Login and click Edit Your Profile with correct and updated information. Be sure to add as many Contact Persons as necessary and donít forget to upload your Logo. In the job listings, this will make your company stand out and look very attractive to a potential Employee. Keep the maximum graphic size to less than 350 x 75.

2. Before creating any Job Ads, be sure to click the Credits link and check to see if you have any credits available. If not, contact us at and we will update your credits ASAP.

3. Once you have confirmed you have Credits, you can post a new Job Ad by clicking New Job Ads and follow the online instructions. Make sure to be as detailed as possible so that there are no confusion between Employer and potential candidate.

4. Another great way to find potential candidates is to review Jobseekers Resumes. You can either click Browse and cycle through each Jobseeker or choose Search and follow the online search requirements. Either way is excellent for reviewing resumes online.

5. To learn more about a Jobseeker, click the -> (arrow button) under Resume and review the personís information. You even have the option to save the Resume as a PDF for later review.

6. To contact a Jobseeker, you can click the -> (arrow button) under Send Message and complete the form to submit a private message. All messages should be kept confidential and proper decorum should be observed.

This should get you started on your way to finding the perfect Employee and if you have questions, you can review our detailed PDF "How-To" or contact us directly.

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